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Hotel professionals

The mission of Hotels Grand Paris consists of promoting a selection of independent, high-quality hotels via a well-established site for a demanding clientele looking for accommodations in Paris that are authentic, out of the ordinary and charming.

What are the site's unique features?

To maintain the site's high-quality content, the Hotels Grand Paris team pays special attention to presenting its hotels so that Internet users are able to easily distinguish the various onsite amenities offered in addition to clearly identifying the various Paris locations.

Is the function of Hotels Grand Paris one of an electronic agent?

Hotels Grand Paris is not an electronic agent and does not charge any retail commissions. Instead, Hotels Grand Paris is a Web portal created by and for independent hotel professionals seeking alternative channels for marketing and promoting their establishments. This tool is intended for hotel owners interested in preserving a direct relationship with their clientele.

What kind of visibility would my establishment gain?

One of the objectives pursued by the Hotels Grand Paris team is to provide similar opportunities for visibility and promotion to all participating establishments. Over half of Hotel Grand Paris' investments are devoted to purchasing exposure on various Internet advertising channels, especially Google.

Can my hotel be included within the Hotels Grand Paris website?

Hotels Grand Paris is intent on proposing various means of satisfying the public's expectations when choosing Paris as a travel destination: from the more economical, functional and well-located two-star hotel to the four-star establishment boasting luxury and design features, while not overlooking the comfortable, charming three-star category.

What does it take to join?

If you'd like to become a participant or learn more about Hotels Grand Paris membership conditions, feel free to contact us at:


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